MSH promise of performance

  • we jointly develop real estate investment in a highly personalised manner
  • all requests and demands will be documented in writing
  • annual feedback from the client on performance and services
  • a private guaranty and protection are available
  • we organise and execute the resale of real estate
  • we check existing investments and loans in order to optimise them and provide further care

Like real estate, services have to be worth their money. The German language captures this in the term that translates as inexpensive (preiswert).

In the world of finance, the fundamental principle of a service provider making a living from providing a service and being respectful to their clients and doing a good job at all times is no longer easily fulfilled.

My view on this is the following. „Be as responsible and competent in your everyday work as your clients are during surgery, in their practice, at university or at their desks in their everyday work!“

Just under 4,000 consultations in the last years prove to me that many clients were offered consultations or products by individuals whose views were different from mine.

Real estate should not be average. It has to be noted that most retirement provisions or investments are average. You are not average! Therefore, you should demand more!

  1. Expensive real estate? Not recommendable!
  2. Cheap real estate? Not recommendable!
  3. Moderately-priced real estate? Not recommendable!

Which real estate should one own? Which one brings you joy and a profit and suits you? Which attributes should describe an investment for you to give it the highest grade?

I enjoy listening to „The True Story“ on Classic Radio, which is narrated so beautifully by Friedrich Epenstein. I would be happy to provide you with information and facts on the above topic (real estate as an investment). These facts often stir my clients‘ curiosity and astonishment as much as the facts by Mr Epenstein stir mine.

Your Matthias Hoch

Many of our clients make use of loans to finance their real estate. The same applies here:

Make comparisons!

Despite the currently low and unique interest rates, the products that banks offer differ in many details or in the „small print“. We enable you to obtain selected products, put you in contact with independent experts if you so wish or consult you on the offers you have been presented with.

Similar aspects apply to the management of a tenement block. Your management tremendously influences the value stability and the value development of your real estate, which can be rented out or owner-occupied. The administrators are highly qualified experts in their field and act responsibly on a high level to ensure our clients receive good services. For the benefit of our clients, this is also close to our hearts. Without this integral component our work in the field of private investment management would not be so successful.

You do not have to deal with issues such as letting, rent increases, timely rent payments, billing (for investments V+V), transfer, insurances etc.

Credo: „The job of MSH – Private Vermögensverwaltung (Private Investment Management) is done when the client has no longer any outstanding loans or when the client’s account has been credited with the resale profit.“

This is one of our company’s strong points and a unique position feature of its services for you. We are happy to advise you on this important and highly sought-after service area.

Excellent, trustworthy partners are extremely important, particularly in the sensitive property market. For the benefit of mutual support, we are always open for sound market players whose work is sincere. Please contact us if you are interested in our concept and our work practices or if your clients commissioned you to find options in the area of investment, state support, sustainable performance and private investment management.